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Saharawi: More atrocities by Morocco

Saharawi: More atrocities by Morocco. 52156.jpeg

The world community by and large either turns a blind eye to the annexation by Morocco of the Western Sahara, home to the Saharawi people, invaded, tortured, abused and forgotten or else cavorts openly with Morocco, signing contracts with the invading power to usurp the resources of the Saharawi without their consent, against international law.

The Moroccan Army invaded Western Sahara in 1975 when the Spanish left their North African colony and after the annexation (the Green March), the Moroccan government started repopulating it with Moroccans, trying to create an imbalance by which the Saharawi people would be in the minority in their own country. In 1991 the United Nations Organization brokered a peace treaty between the Moroccans and the Polisario Front, under which Morocco pledged to organise a referendum on self-determination.

Morocco has refused to live up to its promise and has repeatedly blocked and stalled, while it tightens its grip on the country it invaded - against every fibre of international law - and over 165.000 Saharawi refugees are forced to brave the inhospitable Algerian desert where they live in exile.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Moroccan occupying forces carefully target and try to silence Sahrawi civil resistance leaders

On Monday, February 11, 2014, twenty Sahrawi citizens were seriously injured when Moroccan occupying forces intervened violently to put down a peaceful demonstration organized in Smara Street in the occupied capital of Western Sahara, El Aaiún.

The Akdeim Izik´s Platform which has launched the appeal to the Sahrawi citizens to demonstrate has written in its statement published Monday morning that it claims the release of all Sahrawi political prisoners and the end of the military trials against civilians.

According to Sahrawi sources, the Moroccan authorities surrounded Smara Street and traffic police prevented the circulation of all small taxis which transported Sahrawi citizens coming from the suburbs to take part in these peaceful demonstrations.

The "Blir", which is a Moroccan paramilitary group, has no experience in dispersing demonstrations, yet it participated in the violent intervention perpetrated by Moroccan repressive apparatus which had as a consequence that many Sahrawi demonstrators were savagely attacked and badly injured or even permanently disabled.

Prominent Sahrawi human rights campaigners were carefully targeted by this Moroccan paramilitary group that targeted particularly Brahim Dahane, the vice president of ASVDH, who was violently beaten in his back and Mrs. Laila Lili who was brutally dragged by her hair down the street sidewalk. There is a purposeful obsession of the Moroccan occupying forces to eradicate and silence Sahrawi civil resistance leaders.

Among the injured people:



Laila LILI


Mahfouda LAFKIR




Isabel de Aragón

El Aaiún, 12 February



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