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St. Petersburg to host the first museum of erotica in Russia


The very first Russian museum of erotica is under construction in St. Petersburg. Its founder is a head physician of the Prostate Center of Russian academy of sciences Igor Knyazkin.

Back in the early 1990s, he began collecting various erotic objects. Since then, he managed to acquire more than 15 000 items.

“I want Russia to be a civilized country that looks into the future and has a correct vision of erotica,” stated Knyazkin to “Nezavisimaya gazette."

Erotic museums exist in many countries worldwide, including Europe, Asia and America. The French had enough courage to go the farthest. In France, the museum occupies 7 floors and is open until 2 o'clock in the morning. Genuine works of art are mixed with erotic trinkets. One of the most popular items for instance is a water fountain made in a shape of a women's figure; water squirts right out of the figure's private parts.

Danish museum of erotica located in the capital of Copenhagen is also incredibly popular. One can view various expositions that shed the light on sexual encounters and love affairs of many celebrities. This is the only museum for instance that provides detailed accounts of love affairs of famous story-teller Hans Christian Andersen and the father of Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.

Petersburg's museum plans to exhibit a rather unique item—Grigory Rasputin's penis. “Having such unique item on display, we can stop envying  America that treasures Napoleon Bonaparte's reproductive organ,” states Igor Knyazkin. “In 1970s, Napoleon's genitals have been sold to an American urologist at an auction for $4 000 USD. Napoleon's private part however is just a mere “pod” in comparison to “our” 30cm long organ.”

Rasputin's great grandchild John Nekmerson is currently living in the US. He is a grandchild of Matrena Rasputina, Rasputin’s favorite daughter. After her father was murdered, she fled to Europe and afterwards migrated to America, where she began working as a tiger-tamer. She died in 1977. Recently, John Nekmerson has visited St. Petersburg in order to see his ancestor’s private part with his own eyes. The great grandson exclaimed, “This is really it, I’ve got the same one!”

A couple of days ago, Igor Knyazkin has been invited to England to attend Christy's auction. A gold plated jewelry box with genitals of legendary Joan of Arc will be presented at the auction.

Significant part of the collection consists of modern erotic items. The latest invention of sex-industry is also on display. These are American love swings, where partners can make love in 365 positions (similar to the number of days in a year).

“I have always been interested in the most important organ in a human body,” says Igor Knyazkin. “I arrived to the conclusion that those are reproductive organs. In the course of my entire working career I have become more convinced that sexual organs in fact are responsible for one's longevity. As soon as a person (especially men) gives up at the age of 60, 70, 80, nature launches the final countdown. Nature does not need a man who can no longer reproduce.”

The museum will also feature a cafй, where people could try various erotically shaped dishes and unusual cocktails that are capable of igniting one’s sexual appetite.

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