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10 most famous Russians in the USA


US scholars, reporters and professors composed long list of Russians popular in the USA.
The criteria for naming famous Russians were as follows:
1) Authority in professional sphere, such as science, art, literature and so on

2) Popularity among Americans. Sportsmen, people of show business, preachers fit this category.

3) Authority in politics (political scientists, lobbyists).

4) Authority in economics (businessmen and managers).

The top ten Russains are:

1. Mikhail Baryshnikov - ballet dancer, producer, actor.

2. Anna Kurnikova - tennis player and model.

3. Dmitry Sims - President of Nixon Research Center.

4. Leon Aron - Director of Russian Research of Institute of American Entrepreneurship

5. Nikolai Zlobin  - Director of Russian and Asian programs of the Center of Defense Information.

6. Elena Bonner - human rights activist, the widow of Academician Andrei Sakharov.

7. Yury Temirkhanov - conductor of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

8. Semen Kukes - businessman, Head of YUKOS company.

9. Ariel Koen - Research Director of  Nasledie  (Heritage) Foundation.

10. Eduafrd Lozansky - publisher and lobbyist, President of American University in Moscow, founder of Russian Annual Economic Forum.

Then the list follows with physics Alexei Abrikosov and Roald Sgdeev, historian Sergei Khrushchev, hockey player Pavel Bure, sculptor Ernst Neizvestny and Sergei Brin who developed Google search system.

All these people came to the USA from Russia, Russian is their native language.

The citizens of the former USSR contribute to the US culture, science, education, politics, technology and sports.  Russian Americans  Joseph Brodsky and Alexei Abrikosov became Nobel laureates.

Yul Brinner is one of the best Hollywood actors.

Remarkably, Russians did not achieve much in the sphere of business and economics. Previous generations of Russians in the USA were better in business. Emigrant Vladimir Zvorykin invented first TV set in 1933.  He founded first TV station with another Russian   David Sarnov, President of Radio Corporation of America, later the plants of the corporation started producing TV sets. Another Russian emigrant, Igor Sikorsky, constructed first helicopter in the USA in 1939. Sikorsky Aviation Corporation is still among the global leaders in constructing helicopters, the US President uses Sikorsky's helicopter.

Russians failed to create united community in the USA and elect their politicians, as Armenians, Jews and Ukrainians did.


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